Idaho greetings

Hi all, Glad to hear of snow at Sherman, miss that area and riding with everyone. Flooding in Kernville even made the news up here, hopefully Isabella looks like a lake once again.
Winter has been good here in No. Idaho, 3-5 ft generally and cold, so not much base but lots of powder. A couple hundred miles on the sled so far this year, more to come now that holidays are behind us now.
Hope everyone is doing well and you get lots more snow soon! Look forward to seeing pics posted of your rides.



  • Hi Mike! Good to hear you're getting some riding in up in Idaho. I haven't been out yet, but we're planning a trip to Huntington this weekend. Stay safe and have fun!

    Forum admin | 2006 Arctic Cat M7 153"

  • Mike,

    So good to hear from you. Might have to make a trip up to ride with you someday. My son is in Seattle and we've visited him a few times. Glad to hear you're out riding. It's been snow then rain then snow down here. We plan to get out this weekend.

    Take care,

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