Mammoth lakes MLK 13th thru 16th

Stayed in Lee Vining .. 50 1 bed 2 88 3beds 108

15 miles from JUNE / Bald mtn trail head 25 miles from unload in MAMMOTH

Ate at NICELYS ... great place to eat !

Fueled up on sled at June Lake turnoff 385 gal vs 269 in BISHOP

Rode mostly EAST of 395 in 3-8 feet of heavy snow ... Best snow I ever rode on the East side ... Been going there since the 80's

Maybe saw a dozen riders all day each of the days we rode ... on the east side

Snow on west side 5 to 12 feet but only went west for fuel

People were riding around TOMS PLACE !!!

Fog at night prevented night rides !!


  • Thanks for report Don. We are going to same place you went and stayed Jan 27-29.

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