Sugarloaf and Greenhorn Bean Feed CANCELED

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We are DOING IT! We've put it off for too many years, let's make it happen!

When: Saturday, February 11, 2017
Where: Sugarloaf Side, Dunlap Saddle (past the yurt - we were trying for Dry Meadow, but there's a hazard in the meadow)
Time: 1 pm
Bring: $5 per person and whatever you like to drink (we'll just have water and maybe hot chocolate) and your smiling face :)

We'll give you some hot grub and good company.

Questions? Call Fred at 805-1393

See you there!

Update as of 2/10/2017 1:10pm

Well, this is incredible, but we will have to CANCEL the Bean Feed tomorrow 2/11/17 for a totally different reason than usual!  Too much weather!  Looks like it will be snowing all day, which wouldn't be all that much fun, soooooo, we will keep you apprised of a new date and time and let's keep hoping for MORE SNOW!  What a year!

Stay safe everyone, flooding a concern throughout most of our mountain range, remember DON'T SNOWMOBILE ALONE and remember the rules of the trail.

Thank you and be in touch soon!
Sugarloafers Snowmobile Association

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  • I was hoping for Sherman pass. any plans to come up here? I come up from the kennedy meadows side.

  • what are the conditions up at greenhorn? its been a really warm week, is there still plenty of coverage? Is the road open from granite road over to Greenhorn? I figure sugarloaf park will be full.

  • I was up at the Greenhorn sand shed this past Sunday and there was about a foot of snow in the surrounding area. Hopefully it didn't get too rained out this week. Check out the Altal Sierra web cams tomorrow, they should give a good idea about how the snow is at Greenhorn.

    Forum admin | 2006 Arctic Cat M7 153"

  • The bean feed at Sugarloaf has been cancelled due to the rain and snowmelt. Maybe someday. The next one maybe at Sherman?

  • Too bad, keep us updated, I will provide a Sherman pass report next week. We will be on the mountain all weekend thru Tuesday.

  • Sherman pass is 12 feet of snow! Good coverage on the entire mountain. Restrooms at Casa vieja trail head are buried. More on the way.

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